Holiday Season ~ No Time To Declutter

This month's Focus Challenge was inspired by Mary Jo's post at reSPACEd on shifting your perspective when it comes to decluttering.

Your Focus Challenge this month while preparing for your holiday guests is to not think about decluttering. Instead, start noticing your favorite things, the things you most want guests to see, admire and appreciate. These are your "fire drill" items.

When you zero in on what it is that you truly love, need, want and use, the rest stands out and apart. The clutter hiding right in front of you will reveal itself. You may think you're just too busy at the moment to do anything but, at the very least, you can shift your perspective and identify that hidden clutter.

Bonus points to you if you kick it out of your face and out of your space.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Suzanne Sergis said...

This post reminds me to appreciate the beautiful things in my cabinet, and to put into use the digital picture frame we received long ago.

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