TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers (Jan11)

In last month's TCOY Lessons, there was an overload of "Self-Improvement" posts as blogs were focusing on resolutions and goals. This month, the tide has turned and there was an abundance of "Awareness" posts to share. As I believe that inner awareness is key to self-improvement, it's nice to see it being spotlighted, albeit belatedly!

From Pick The Brain: 4 Reasons You Need To Pursue Financial Solvency
Understanding financial solvency is a life lesson that I wish we learned solely from parental guidance or in a class setting. For many of us, though, it seems we need to learn it through mistakes made and awareness gained.
From Get Rich Slowly: Take Control of Your Finances
J.D.'s annual "road map" posting, with a new tip added each year

From Raptitude: A Day In The Future
If you're a regular Raptitude reader, you'll understand what I mean when I say this is classic David. He can write a story and deliver a message in an unexpectedly refreshing way.
From Simple Marriage: 5 Passionate Truths About You
In this powerful post, Corey helps us to narrow down "reminders about what’s really important, what matters, what will make the difference in the long run, have enduring value, you name it." Definitely a must read!
From Trent at The Simple Dollar:
Intimidated By The Mistakes of the Past
"Change. Right now. And don’t look back."
Some Perspectives On Career Success
"Your real boss is you", says Trent. Are you an Option A or Option B worker? And, are you being the kind of worker that is best for you?
From J.D. (and staff) at Get Rich Slowly and Foldedspace (his personal blog):
One Problem, One Correction
I thought the quote from J.D.'s fitness trainer summed it up well: "When you try to correct more than one thing at a time, it’s easy to get distracted. You can’t do any one thing well because you’re trying to do many things poorly. But if you concentrate on a single goal, you’re able to obtain a laser-like focus that better helps you achieve that objective."
Underachievement and The All-or-Nothing Mindset
Ah, old friend. Thankfully I'm detached from the emotional pull it used to have on me. Now I can feel the all-or-nothing tendencies in my life but in the light of grace I show to myself. I love the quote from Anais Nin that she included: "You have a right to experiment with your life. You will make mistakes. And they are right, too.”
Action is Character
"What we say doesn’t matter; it’s what we do that counts."
From Pick The Brain:
Lies Unhappy People Love To Tell
Good read! I loved how she approached the flip-side of this topic.
10 Things Your Mom Said That Were Actually Right
Another great one from Tracy (see lies above).
Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously
"Many of us die before we’re ready. We spend hours, months, years, engaged in activities which bleed life from us one miserable moment at a time."
From Shake Off The Grind: Feeling Stuck?
"You may have learned to get comfortable in your current surroundings. Even with all the frustration and unhappiness, you have simply adjusted to this way of living...Because of this, being stuck might be quite a habit for you. It might be all you know...There is a time to stay and adapt to a situation, and a time to change and move forward. Knowing when to move on is powerful self-awareness to gain."

Life Clutter
From MaryJo at reSPACEd:
Dealing with the post-Christmas gift explosion
"If you are like a lot of people, there's a lot of new stuff laying around -- stuff that doesn't fit anywhere, stuff that you don't know what to do with, stuff you don't really want but feel obligated to keep."
To Get Organized, Avoid These 4 traps
Before you open a cabinet or purchase one storage container, read this!
From David at Raptitude: I Don't Want Stuff Any More, Only Things
Take a look and see if you only want things as well.
From Kristen, the Frugal Girl: Cut Schedule Clutter
"Simply put, I try not to fill my life with things that don’t matter to me or that don’t mesh with the overarching beliefs and goals that shape me."

TCOY on the outside
From Sally at Already Pretty: 3 Stages To Becoming Truly Stylish
I've done pretty well with #1 and #2, and am still working my way through level #3. I had to work through mental clutter issues (fear of letting go of clothing that didn't look great on me just because money had been spent on it, it was still useful, still fit, etc.) to begin to see what truly mattered were the clothes that looked great on me as in not just OK but ones that made me/others say terrific, fabulous or super cute!

Little-by-little I've been editing and then editing some more, while picking up something new now & again, to create a wardrobe that reflects all of my preferences (within budget, a complimenting color, comfortable fit, something that thrills me when I wear it, etc.) And along the way I've begun to find my creativity. That has been the best, I mean absolute awesomest part of this whole journey. I never thought expressing myself through clothing would be something I'd ever do.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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