TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers (Dec10)

As you head into the New Year, an exciting time for many of us with its fresh sense of possibility, consider this thoughtful post on Self-Improvement vs. Self-Acceptance over at Pick The Brain before the rush of resolutions overwhelm you. My philosophy of choosing a New Year's Theme and Gifts ties in quite nicely with combining the two approaches.

If you're the resolution-making type, here's an awesome post at Pick The Brain called Start Thinking NOW About How You Will Rock 2011. Stay tuned for what 2011 has in store for me!

At Simple Marriage, Corey spotlights emotional reactivity and columnist Melissa shares 5 Surprising Ways To Improve Your Marriage in 2011.

Good reminders from Pick The Brain: "You can start strengthening the character of your relationships today, a letter at a time" and "use the right words to help create a better, more confident you". And, if necessary, here are 5 extraordinary ways to say I'm sorry.

"The journey to financial consciousness is open to all. It just takes a desire to change your life with money—a desire to end the worrying, confusion and frustration. It’s a journey for everyone, not just those with problems from too little money; too much money has its own set of beliefs and issues.", says Jane on a post at Pick The Brain.

"I’m living more of my life now, rather than spending my life" says Jill, in her reader story called My Year Without Clothes Shopping posted at Get Rich Slowly.

Trent says "...if you have a desire to use something that can go bad, use it". I agree and think it's a good idea for all of our things. Don't fear using the good fact, do the opposite, and thoroughly enjoy it instead of saving it for later!

Diet & Exercise
The Minimalist Guide To Eating Well from Pick The Brain.

Self Improvement
Trent at The Simple Dollar posted the "Out With The Old, In With The New" series during the month of December about creating positive changes for yourself in the new year. My favorites were setting up a truly useful calendar and putting up some passive barriers.

Joe at Shake Off The Grind provided insight on thinking through fear and finding inspiration in the office (or anywhere, really).

This month, Pick The Brain offers us good reads in the area of self-improvement on feeling younger, verbal communication, being a grown-up, strengthening the mind, restoring your sanity, making your own rules and taking care of your body.

Awareness boosters from Pick The Brain include:
Finding Fulfillment
Stop Playing The Blame Game
The Greatest Secret of Achievement
Productivity Doesn't Mean Doing More

Did you enjoy previous snippets posted from Trent's series on David Allen's book Making It All Work? If so, don't miss his summary and closing thoughts.

"But I Don't Feel Gentle", says Lysa. Ditto over here! Her final thoughts have been running through my mind since I read them..."And the more I rejoice, the more I keep things in perspective. The more perspective I have the more gentle I become."

House & Family
MaryJo offers useful advice on how to not let laundry, clean or dirty, become our nemesis.

Susan at Simple Marriage believes that in family units "mothers are the mortar of our families and we make up the bricks".

This little reminder from Charlie at Productive Flourishing about how being a good parent IS being productive was found via Pick The Brain: "...we all instinctively know that our children need our time, attention, and love more than they need anything else."

Life Clutter
Unclutterer gives insight into identifying bad processes and lists six reasons to let it go when you have identified something that you think might just be clutter.

TCOY on the outside
Sally reposted her awesome post called The Big Secret. Be sure to take a look and give it a reread if you already have before. It's a great reminder! And for a little something fresh, here's Believe in Yourself and Be Strong.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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