TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers (Aug10)

Quote from Already Pretty:
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won't feel insecure around you...when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Whenever I read the words in this quote by Maryanne Williamson, I always stop for a moment and savor them much like I would when I inhale a flower's fragrance. I have lived them and know them to be true. One small example is from my childhood when I wanted to 'fit in' better so I stop trying to succeed when trying to learn.

Sure I could say the reason was that, as a shy person, I was incredibly overwhelmed by the many transitions from school to school I had to endure. Thus, coming in as 'just average' was an easier intro into my new class than the usual of having a teacher who loved my willingness to learn and ask questions but a class that felt threatened by my intelligence, and who didn't like having my "A" thrown in there to mess up the curve.

However, it was a concious choice, not a reflex. I could have chosen to stay as I am and find other ways to develop relationships, say on the playground or at the bus stop. Then in class I would have a small group of people that liked me for who I was and, since I am not the kind of person who wants the attention of everyone nor to be everyone's friend, I would have had enough to feel comfortable.

I wish I had chosen another route. Maybe I would have inspired someone to try harder, not be afraid to ask questions and to push themselves a bit more to be a better learner? That is what child me would have loved to have been: an inspiration.

Relationships from Simple Marriage:
Simple Marriage columnist Dustin Riechmann advises us to find a passion that matches your job and marriage because, as far as relationships go, "after those early years infatuation fades and we’re left with a choice. That’s right, once the chemicals and crazy emotional responses wear off, we must choose to love our spouse each day. It’s no longer automatic."

A two-fer! Finances and Self Improvement from The Simple Dollar:
Trent shares "twenty two projects you can do this week if you put some elbow grease and some time into it. Each one of them will save you either money or time over the long haul".

Awareness from Unclutterer:
Erin so wisely reminds us that many paths can lead to the same, remarkable goal. Below is a quote she mentions from Colin Beavan’s No Impact Man that I especially enjoyed.

"...discovered that happy people spend a lot of time being grateful for what they have and savoring their experience. They don’t rush through “now” to get to later. They don’t make taking care of themselves or taking care of their families something they have to get over with so they can get to the good stuff. Instead, they insist that this moment, whatever it is, is the good stuff."
House & Family from from Small Notebook:
Rachel's Good Reads: the Smokin' Hot Edition featured "Little Changes, Big Results". I enjoyed reading it and thought I'd pass it along.

About Suzanne:
One of these days I will be able to get Just Lisa to join me in baking some Almost Too Much Chocolate Cake. Giving myself chocolate is one of my favorite ways of taking care of me!

TCOY on the outside from Already Pretty:
Sally reposted A Letter to My Body; a post from 2 years ago that she says changed her life forever.

On another note, one of Sal's Lovely Links this month featured Academichic and their printable pdf of the color wheel in their post about revisiting color combinations, "looking for fresh ways to pair outfits and accessories and pushing our color comfort zones".

Over the last year, my style has been evolving and I've been looking for ways to switch up my clothing choices. I already sort my clothing by color* so why not start making clothing choices by their position on the color wheel and see where I end up!

* Looking back at this old photo of my closet has highlighted two things for me; 1) my sorting order by color has evolved and matches a true color spectrum much better and 2) my 365 Days of Decluttering Challenges have really paid off because I no longer own at least 1/3 of these things. Out with the unloved and with the loved and worn!

Life Clutter from Unclutterer:
Unclutterer reminded us to incorporate strategies for seeing clutter in our lives because...

"When you’re entrenched in your daily routines and activities, your home and workplace can become generic scenery. This might be a good thing if it means you’re focused on your responsibilities and what matters most to you. However, if you’re no longer seeing your spaces because you’re numb to their presence, it might be time to pause and take a look at the backdrops to your life."
Reader Susie mentioned in the article is not me, though I have personally said the same thing about taking a photograph to assist us with a perspective shift. Whether the photograph (or videotaping) will be used in clutter clearing, housecleaning motivation or just to freshen up your home with an interior redesign, it is a very useful technique!

TCOY on the outside from Already Pretty:
In "You've Lost Weight! You Look Great!" Sal says "if you feel uncomfortable with formulaic compliments that link beauty and thinness – as I do – don’t be afraid to push back. Gently."

Speaking of weight loss, my real life friend Just Lisa is doing awesome in her goal of reducing her size/weight to what she feels comfortable being. In a recent post highlighting her weight loss, she mentioned that a friend asker her how much weight she'd lost. After her reply the friend said, "30 pounds? It doesn't look like you've lost that much." Lisa shared "the range of emotions this innocent statement can generate".

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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