Let's Clear Out Some Seasonal Clutter

Summer is here! This is my favorite time of year and I am already spending more time out-of-doors than in. How about you? As for us, we took a family trip to the big theme park, been camping a few times and a visit to the pool is how we end many of our days.

My husband has been inspired by my decluttering inspiration and has now joined on. We are now a decluttering duo! I dare say that he has made a much bigger dent in our clutter than myself but, hey, we're a team so it's all good.

With all of the outdoor activities happening now, we've set our sights on seasonal clutter. The trailer has had the food pantry gone through, the kids' outgrown items removed and all the miscellaneous take-along stuff has been pared down as well. In the house, our clothing has been swapped out for the colder weather clothes that did occupy our closet.

While doing the swap, we've taken a close look at our summer things. Do we love this? Do we use it? If not, we don't hang it or fold it, then stash it away. Out it goes to someone for whom this will not be clutter. Same goes for the winter items before being stowed away. If we didn't use it or want it this season, no use keeping it around for another one!

Ready to do some summertime decluttering? Rock on! Check out this month's Focus Challenge on the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge blog.

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