TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers (May10)

This has certainly been a slow news month. All I've got for you are several fabulous posts on the topic of life clutter and one on the topic of Taking Care Of Yourself on the outside. Enjoy!

Life Clutter posts:
On reSPACEd, MaryJo asks "Are your 4 letter words stopping your decluttering efforts? Her post succinctly identifies those little words that cause big mental clutter problems for us. And, as we say over at the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge blog: Mental clutter manifests itself into visual clutter. When you purge the physical clutter, the mental clutter will follow it out the door!

Also on reSPACEd, MaryJo reminds us to save a child while saving what is recyclable from the landfill in this post about recycling old car seats in a new way.

In this guest post on Unclutterer titled "Mind Over Clutter", Pooja Gugnani writes, "The toughest phase of the downsizing process is finding the heart to dispose things you’ve owned for years, or that have memories attached to them."

TCOY on the outside posts focus on the interplay between Taking Care Of Ourselves on the inside, as most people think of, and about TCOY on the outside.

The always inspirational Sally from Already Pretty recently "received a wake-up call from the Universe. It came in the form of an irregular MRI of my brain." And, as usual, she shared our own thoughts on her body and self image in the hopes of giving us all a wakeup call without the drama of a medical scare.

From Love This Body:

Since suspense makes me irate, I’ll tell you right now that I am just fine. I have inner-ear vertigo which will be treated with physical therapy, and my other symptoms are related to a protruding disc in my back. When the neurologist told me this, I gripped her leg and wept again with relief.

Does this sound a little melodramatic? Good. I have never been more frightened in my LIFE people, and the whole experience made me see my world in a completely different light. I have always known, intellectually, that wasting time and energy worrying about big hips or jiggly upper arms is idiotic. But now I know it on a much, much deeper level. I am alive. I am healthy. I can walk, talk, eat, sing, write, bike, work, cuddle, laugh, and grow old slowly. My body is sound, my mind is sound, and I am beyond lucky. I don’t have any flaws. I never did. I love this body, and I am going to do my damndest never to take it for granted again.
Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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