Mental Clutter Causes Physical Clutter

Over at the 365 Days of Decluttering Challenge blog, guest blogger MaryJo Monroe graciously accepted my invitation for her to share her expertise.

In this month's Focus Challenge, she identifies 7 mental clutter culprits that cause physical clutter and challenges us to use that insight to zero in on the clutter hiding in our home because it's been shielded by mental clutter.

MaryJo Monroe is a professional organizer in Portland, Oregon with a passion for clutter control and inexpensive decorating. In addition to being a professional organizer, home stager and home redesigner (using what her clients already own), she also writes at reSPACEd, a blog offering ideas on home design and organization for the budget-conscious. Links to posts by her have been mentioned in the TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers series (January / April).

If you have an idea for a future Focus Challenge, I'd love to share it. Please send it to me via email (address is in my profile) or you can include it in a comment on this post. I will be attributing it to you so be sure to include a website, Twitter ID, etc. if you'd like it mentioned.

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