Take Care Of Yourself By Reaching Out

To date we've identified the need to build quality relationships, to balance our roles in this world and to clear away stuff that clutters our lives. However, in this me-centered world, it may be a surprise to think about the following: others are important too.

Today, reach out and thank someone meaningful in your life.

  • A coworker who makes the work day more enjoyable (or bearable :-)
  • Your child for telling you a story about their day and making you laugh
  • An "A" friend who doesn't need to hear it because they already know it
  • An online friend (that you may never meet in real life) but who does provide substance nearly every day to your real life
  • A parent for still loving and supporting you (not literally, hopefully)...even after the childhood days when "they couldn't own nice things" because money was tight or for fear of the kids breaking it, those crazy teenage years for whatever you did, the early adulthood years spent figuring this whole adult thing out, etc.
  • Your spouse for ___ (specific to their love language and how they express it...such as "saying 'I love you' before we go to sleep", "hugging me when I talk about a difficult part of my day", or even "taking out the trash so the kitchen won't smell")
Doing an action that reminds you of the good stuff in your life will help you strengthen your focus on Taking Care Of Yourself in a thoroughly positive way.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Wilma Ham said...

And ironically, in the end focusing on others is a good deed for ourselves as well.
When we are miserable and change our focus from our own misery to someone else, guess what happens?
Indeed when we give, we start to feel good and our feelings of miserableness disappear. How simple and yet . . .

Suzanne Sergis said...

So true Wilma. Pretty interesting how it all works.

That's how I like to live. If my perspective is off, I will shift it. If I'm not feeling happy, I will shift it to attempt to make someone else feel happy. If I'm not feeling treated very well, I will shift it to attempting to treat someone else very well. Etc. At the end of it all, I realize that I feel better also about whatever was the matter.

I figure shifting the perspective is much better than letting all that negativity rub off on those around me. :-)

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