Random Bits on Marriage and Relationships

Below is a collect of random bits that I've collected while reading online. Some were saved for future writing material, while others were just for me to save to read again when I needed that perspective. Hope you also enjoy the insight of these excellent bloggers.

Hayden from Through the Illusion shared this wisdom on Why Get Married:

Marriage is personal development boot camp. You will demand much from your partner, as they will from you. You will be challenged to open your being in love, even as you are angry. You will be challenged to fully forgive transgressions both major and minor. Your marriage, in short, is the daily practical exercise of the opportunity to be your best self. And what you master at home, you take into the world.
Tess from The Bold Life offers these 12 Tips To Be Bold & Set Your Heart On Fire. Can you believe I selfishly thought of not sharing these on TCOYou.com just yet because I want to write a whole post about her AWESOME advice? That may still happen someday. In the meantime, I sincerely believe that absorbing even half of her advice into your day-to-day will result in Taking Care Of You, while taking care of that relationship with the person you are sharing your life with at this moment.

Corey from Simple Marriage offers up his list of 20 Must Read Blogs For Married People. Believe it or not, many of them don't even directly relate to married life, yet each deal with a component of the whole.


If you check out any of the blogs by these great people, I'm sure you will find something to appreciate in their writing like I do. I would really appreciate you sharing a comment about your thoughts on the blogs/bloggers I've chosen or just these "best of the web" type posts. Do you find them uninteresting or should I keep them coming?

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Hayden Tompkins said...

Yes! Write it!

P.S. I'm kind of having a 'Spock' moment right now. I want to be all "Great post!" but that would seem 'oddly self-serving'. :)

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Wilma Ham said...

Sharing is good and I am sure we all have benefited from great recommendations.

Suzanne Sergis said...

Thanks for the feedback...and the laugh. :-)

Just because I shared a quote from you doesn't mean you can't also believe that the rest of the post (and whatever comes out in the future) can't be shared also. :-)

Aren't many blogs integrated anyways? Through links, the comments we write, inspiration gained from reading each others' blogs, our own similar desire to express ourselves through a Personal Development focus, etc? Seeking/sharing knowledge already is self-serving in and of itself.

Suzanne Sergis said...

Thanks for the feedback, Wilma!

I think sharing is a positive way to give a peek into who I am, through the spreading of information that has influenced me. It's also a good counterbalance to what can be deemed as "bad" promotion, which are the more self-serving avenues of getting the word out (like advertising, self-promoting, etc.)

Miche - Serenity Hacker said...

Suzanne, great post, with super links. I just finished reading them, and commented on Tess's. Yes, keep the best of the web stuff coming... I love discovering new blogs and insights on the recommendations of other bloggers. I've found some of my favorite sites that way!

Miche :)

Suzanne Sergis said...

Hi Miche, thanks for the feedback! I'm very happy that you enjoyed them as well.

Matthew Michael said...

Good links :),

I was brought up quite traditionally so I do see the beauty of getting married and growing old with someone, but logically speaking I see no purpose, marriage is something formal and serious (hence having witnesses to make sure you're not a liar lol)...it's the implementation of rules, and whenever you bring rules and restrictions into something then it takes the playfulness of it away, what difference is there from being in a couple to being married apart from rings that calm down our fears and insecurities of being dumped at any moment because we are provided fake 'security' with the idea of the other person is under the same unbreakable marital contract?

Love your blog, keep those post coming =),


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Suzanne Sergis said...

Hi Matty, thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts on marriage/relationships. And thank you for the feedback on these types of posts also.

The difference between being in a couple to being married is something that has to be defined for man, the animal, to take it more seriously. That's what separates us thinking apes from the animals that just wander through life trying to mate with as many females as possible and continue their line, since "family" isn't part of their understanding. ;-)

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