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The Quote to Reflect Upon for June was "As you think, so shall you become." I recite this to myself when I'm leaning too far to the negative side of life. I don't believe that I control life, though I do control my own thoughts...and I believe quite firmly that it's important to choose to think positive. Choosing to think positive will actually cause you to feel and act more positive, if you let it.

From My Life's Work:

Our thoughts and words have tremendous creative power in them...

It would be prudent for all of us to ensure that we have a very clear, concise and organized positive mindset. We have to treat our thoughts as if they will manifest themselves, because they always do!
From Law of Attraction Lifestyle (note: I'm not advocating the theory...I just appreciate the truth in the following thoughts.):
In a nutshell, the law of polarity states that nothing can exist in our world without its direct opposite.

...Understanding this principle allows us to make sense of all of our experiences by knowing there is an opposite present in everything that happens in our life. And this 'opposite' presents us an opportunity to experience the good in what happens to us.

Within every problem there is a solution. Within every failure there is a success. Within every heartache there's a joy. You must raise your 'awareness' to look for the answers when a problem presents itself or you experience a failure or loss.
Don't Survive, Thrive!
I will admit that, in its most basic essence, thinking negative has been beneficial to our survival. We fear what will happen to us and our progeny tomorrow, thereby aligning ourselves with that fear of the unknown to attempt to minimize whatever bad stuff the day may bring.

We think about...

...hunger. (spending our money on more food than we require to sustain life; especially true for many of us who lead very low activity or sedentary lives) instability. (saving money for a rainy day)

...scarcity. (feeling unsatisfied with life because we are wanting more, bigger, better)

...death. (promoting "living like there is no tomorrow")

Survival is good, yes. However, thinking positive allows you to experience more without needing to utilize the unsatisfactory experience of seeking more.

As I say to myself, "I don't want to just survive; I want to thrive".

Stay Focused On What You Want, Not What You Don't
Crazy enough, we humans believe that negative thinking will get us farther. An example of this is when we constantly think about what we do not want.

I don't want to get fat so I had better diet.
I will eat nutritious food. My body's needs will be in balance and there will be no extra to store.

I don't want to be tired tomorrow so I had better get to bed now.
My body is signaling that it's tired. I will stay tuned in to my body's needs and let it rest.

Thinking positive leads to positive action. Positive action is how we move forward. Taking Care of You is all about moving forward.

Kinda simple how that works out. ;-)

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Positively Present said...

Great post! I love this one, of course, because it's all about thinking positively. It seems like a small or simple thing, but it's certainly changed my life tremendously!

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Suzanne Sergis said...

Yep, it's definitely up you alley. ;-)

I think the complete upgrade that you've achieved in your mindset is inspirational. To go from an "Eeyore mentality" to a person promoting living positively is are amazing!

Chris Edgar said...

Thanks for this Suzanne -- that's in keeping with what I've seen in myself, that my mind's job is to make everything into a problem because its purpose is to make sure that I survive. Focusing my attention on my breathing or what I'm feeling in my body, I've found, helps me let go of the survival struggle and relax (and actually get more done as well, since my work no longer seems freighted with so much risk).

Suzanne Sergis said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Chris. Shifting to a more mindful state definitely does work wonders for us!

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