If Mom Uses Your Middle Name, You Know You Are In Trouble

Just thought I'd play along with a meme Jo-Lynne posted over at Musings of a Housewife and share a bit about my two most favorite people in the world, Evanator and Avalicious. Otherwise known as my children, Evan Alexander and Avarie Julienne.

1. Do you have any cultural or religious naming traditions?


2. Did you or your partner come to the marriage with pre-selected names?

I wanted to name my son A.J. -- not definite on the names but I did like Alexander Joshua. He would be tall (6 ft plus), handsome, semi-popular and a great team player on his high school football team. Yah, I know. Just a wee bit too much thinking about all that.

3. Did you consider the sound of the first and middle and last names together? Did this make any sad eliminations?

You bet. Even though the middle name is rarely heard, it had to flow between the first and last, especially if they were in twubble and I called them by their first 2 names or, if in really bad twubble, and I used all three. That's how it was when I was a kid anyways. I also made sure the initials didn't spell anything odd or that would bring taunting nicknames to mind. No eliminations that I can recall.

4. Did you have veto powers?

My husband brought nothing to the table and vetoed almost every name I could think up. And I'm talking 10's of names.

5. Did the baby naming cause arguments?

Much frustration, yes, but no arguments. We had to start choosing names pretty early because I knew it would take a long time to actually agree on one. For my son's middle name, he actually didn't like it but couldn't think of anything else. He gave it conditional approval (because it was obviously my favorite name), meaning he could still bring something to the table. I told him that when I went into labor, time would be up. I still remember driving to the hospital, holding my belly and saying "Almost time to see you Evan Alexander!" Just to let you know, the name has grown on him and he likes it.

6. Do you think it is easier to name boys or girls?

For us, boys. My husband likes very average names and I like unique names. It's easier for me to limit the possibilities for a boys name because, overall, I think society doesn't like unique names for boys. But, for a girls' name, I could create 10 for every boys name I could think up.

7. Did you eliminate names because of people from your past or present who you don’t like or because a certain image comes to mind.

Me, no. Husband, yes. A.J. was vetoed because he said that he doesn't like initials. Probably true. However, I think it was mostly because my high school crush was named Josh. I told him I wasn't firm on that middle name and said "Let's name him Alexander J-- and not use initials", since my husband's first name begins with a J. Nope, no deal.

8. Did you / would you survey your children to get their thoughts on the name?

My son was 2 at the time and not much help. I did make sure he could say her name though. :-)

9. Did you tell people the name or possible names before the baby was born or were they “in the vault”?

We had enough to worry about just trying to find one we both liked, so we were too tired of the whole discussion thing to even talk about possibles with others. Once we were set on the name we did share it, though.

10. Did you use baby name books?

For my son, yes. By the time my daughter came around, it was my lists of made up names and Internet research only!

Now you know something about my little ones and even about my crazy obsession with unique, "made up" girls names. I know there are very few readers
of my little blog here but I'll just throw this out...I'd love to hear about your experience during the wonderful process of naming a new life, if you'd like to share!

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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