TCOY Lessons From My Favorite Bloggers (Feb11)

Awesome things have happened because of changes I've been making after reading these inspiring blogs: 1) I greatly enjoy REAL food (as in the stuff nature made, not a factory), 2) my body has let go of some weight it was storing and 3) my decluttering efforts have thinned my clothing to only what I love and use. All have combined to needing clothing to fill in some gaps, which I've slowly been filling thanks to frugal shopping!

From Simple Marriage:
10 Tips To Living A Mindful Marriage
Being the right mate involves living mindfully. It means being conscious about what’s happening in your marriage and taking charge of your own marital happiness.
I agree. You are one half of the sum of the relationship/marriage and though you cannot control it nor your partner/spouse, you are responsible for your own thoughts, words, actions, etc. Being mindful about your part is taking care of your own needs while also taking care of the union.
A Sure Fire Way to Improve Marriage...Play is also important in the adult world. It opens to [sic] door to new solutions and creative sparks. It adds passion and energy to life and marriage. Now, this can be taken too far of course (not being serious when appropriate, etc.) but, at its essence, the acts of laughter, spontaneity, creativity, exhuberance and more that are components of play can reenergize not only yourself but those around you and the relationships you have with them.

Diet & Exercise
From Musings of a Housewife's Links & Shoutouts:
The Unconquerable Dave
Dave first emailed me about a year ago. He had just bought the Primal Blueprint Cookbook and was seeing some real results. Occasionally I’ll get an update from him. One can really get a sense of Dave’s energy and excitement for life from his emails...catch a bit of Dave’s enthusiasm and spirit. It’s contagious.
Regardless of the lifestyle adjustment you choose, who wouldn't want to show this much dedication to and enthusiasm for the method they have chosen to follow? The changes he made in his health and quality of life in that year are ah-mazing!!

Self Improvement
From MaryJo at reSPACEd:
6 Time Management Tips
Nothing new or revolutionary here; just the core components of a system that you control, not one that controls know, the way that feels less like time management and more like "how to get less done in more time while feeling overrun". Each of us is different. Finding the method that works for us is key. If your current method is controlling you, try these tips and see what works for you!

From Pick The Brain:
The Anatomy of Open Mindedness
"An open-minded individual strives to develop a better understanding of the world and is willing to listen to other people’s beliefs and opinions, to learn from their insights...He doesn’t feel obliged to agree with others, but respects their right to their own convictions, without trying to force his own views on them...He’s not embarrassed to admit his own ignorance, or when he has made an intellectual error...He doesn’t need to resort to rationalizations to justify his beliefs and is prepared to listen to criticisms without being offended."
How many people in your life can you identify who exhibit this trait? When I realized it's power, I made sure to incorporate it into my life as often as possible. Being willing is the biggest part. Are you willing?
From Trent at The Simple Dollar:
The Less You Need, The More You Have
Step back and look at your life. Remove just what you need from that picture – water, basic food, a few changes of basic clothing, minimal shelter. Look at all that’s left – all of the possessions, relationships, experiences, thoughts, and other things. That’s an abundance, one that can provide you with more than you can ever explore and enjoy.
Realizing all that I have in excess of my needs provides a great sense of comfort. It also boosts a mood quite well. Whenever you're feeling unsettled (frustrated, overwhelmed, unhappy, etc.), try practicing gratitude awareness. Your results may vary but they will probably never be a negative.

Life Clutter
From Rachel at Small Notebook:
Loosen the Grip of "More Stuff"
A brief but important reminder about the diminishing value excess stuff brings into our life.
From Trent at The Simple Dollar:
Eight Minutes to Financial Success - Minute #1: Ask Yourself "Do I Need This?"
You’ll start looking at all of the stuff you’ve accumulated with a more discerning eye, looking for the things that don’t really add joy (and finding that the removal of those items actually does add a bit of joy over the long run). You’ll also use that same eye as you buy things, making stiffer choices about the items you bring into your home and actually finding time to enjoy the things you do have that do bring value into your life...In the end, your bank account will thank you. You’ll be spending less on non-essentials without losing any real value in your life (and gaining some space and some time freedom). You’ll be improving your financial state by getting rid of those non-essentials, too...All it takes is a moment to flip that switch.
You don't have to sell me on the powerful effects of fact, this blog wouldn't even exist if I hadn't begun my own decluttering journey.

TCOY on the outside
From Sally at Already Pretty:
Be Kind To Yourself
Giving all your kindness away and reserving none for your own body, mind, and soul leaves you dry and empty. Eventually, you’ll have nothing left to give...And no matter what you’ve been led to believe, you deserve kindness.
If you've been led to believe that taking care of you is a kindness that you don't deserve, I hope that time spent here will convince you otherwise.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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