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Our next TCOY Spotlight is shining on Serenity Hacker and, specifically, on Miche who is the creative mind behind the blog. As a very new blogger, I've enjoyed seeing Miche go from just dipping a toe in the blogosphere water to sharing much more of her insightful way of living.

Below, I've shared tidbits of my favorite posts; the first from May of 2009, when she had just begun, to very recent ones. You'll see what I mean about how she first started off slowly with 'simple personal development', such as weight loss hacks, and then began peeling back the layers so we could see the much deeper sense of awareness that she possesses.

By the way, when you reply to one of Miche's thought-provoking posts below over at Serenity Hacker, please be sure to tell her that Suzanne over at says "hello". Even with her skyrocketing subscriber count, she's still not too busy to read every comment and say hi back. :-)

Writer's Note: Miche must have decided that the first 2 posts didn't contribute to where she wanted to redirect her blog's focus because they've been deleted from Serenity Hacker. I'm still including them though. (Update:
Based upon this post, the first article has been republished and can be found here. Thank you, Miche! See, I told you....she's not too much of a superstar to read and respond!)

Smart Snacking: 10 Tips For Snacking Without Gaining Weight

3. Drink 8-12 oz of Water First
Drinking 8 oz of water before your snack will help you feel more full and will reduce how much you need to eat. So when you’re hankering for the snack, try to grab the water bottle first, drink at least 8 ounces, then go ahead and snack.

Well-Balanced Eating: Or How I Lost 14 Pounds In 3 Weeks Without Exercise

Don’t Call It A Diet!
A diet sounds like a restriction. It has negative connotations and wreaks of deprivation to me. This way of eating is full of abundance, and is actually a proper way to eat. We’ve been conditioned to think that our regular way of eating is okay and that eating right and healthy is “a diet”.

Stop Arguing

Instead of reacting, we can choose to respond. Responding involves actively listening and a heightened awareness of the triggers and feelings that arise within us during the argument. We must make the conscious choice not to act on those feelings and triggers and in doing so we stop reacting. Then we can be mindful, centered, and choose to respond. This takes a little practice and skill but can quickly diffuse an argument, and often avoid one altogether.

Dreams and Routines

Perhaps you’re at an in-between place, unsure of the future. Maybe there are circumstances preventing you from living life how you’d really like to. You still go about taking care of your obligations and chores, tasks and responsibilities, but life seems routine and uninspired. Goals begin to lose their luster and nothing seems energizing.

I know when I end up in this place, it means I’ve stopped creating. I’m not talking about creating in the traditional sense. I’m talking about the creativity required to consciously create the life you want, the one of your dreams, day by day, one moment at a time.

And I’m not talking about the big things here. They require lots of waiting and some of them may never happen. The biggest things, the things we might feel are lacking and are wishing for most, are really just symbols. Symbols for simpler, more meaningful experiences we can create right now. The stuff happiness is made of.

Making Big Changes: Energy and Resistance

First, it takes a lot of energy to keep the force of one of these meaningful changes at bay and out of our minds (which really doesn’t work, anyway). Next, we use the rest of our available energy trying to keep the familiar working for us, trying to keep the comfort in what has now become uncomfortable.

We choose the familiar because we think it’s easier, that it somehow doesn’t require effort and energy. And maybe at one time it didn’t. But now it does. Because when one of those Big Changes is born in our consciousness and brews there, every move we make to stay with the status quo, every amount of energy we expend not choosing that change, suppressing it and choosing instead our current routine, is extremely taxing.

We also think sticking with the familiar is choosing the path of least resistance. It’s not. It’s actually choosing the path of resistance itself. We’re holding back the force of that change on our minds and spirits, holding together our current unsatisfying circumstances, and all the while we’re scrambling to deny or hide from the discomfort all of this creates. The toll on our energy is enormous. All of our will power, all of our energy is directed at resisting, and that takes a lot of work. It’s why we feel so tired.

To see more of Miche's writing, and how it resonates with Taking Care Of Yourself by helping you grow your inner awareness, please consider subscribing to Serenity Hacker for the amazing insight still to come. I know I can't wait to see what she'll be inspiring me with next.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Suzanne Sergis said...

Wow Suzanne, I'm sooooo honored to be featured here! I just republished the snacking post, so if you want to update that link, it's here:

I'm digging out the other one from somewhere, I need to find it! I'll let you know when it's up.

You're the best! Thank you so much! :) -Miche

Suzanne Sergis said...

Honored? TCOYou is just a baby blog; it's probably just you and I reading this! ;-)

I really appreciate you stopping in and saying 'thank you'. You are top notch and have been since I first found you and your writing. Thank you for your thoughtful comments here on TCOYou and for continuing to inspire me with the amazing insight in your posts on Serenity Hacker.

And, for republishing that post, I am very touched. Thank you! I would have to say ditto...I think you're the best too!

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