Half Year Celebrations

Grow your awareness to accept that life is just life; we are the ones who choose to look at it with a different perspective than that.

One of my favorite ways is to celebrate special days 6 months later for an infusion of freshness into day-to-day life.

BirthdayDo something small but special for someone on their half birthday to show you are thankful that they were born.
Independence DayInstead of celebrating the USA's independence, celebrate YOUR independence ~ On January 4, fresh with the excitement of the real New Year's celebration still coursing through your system, mark today as the start of your independence, whether it be chemical independence, financial independence, job independence, relationship independence, etc.
Labor DayIn March, schedule a day off from work 6 months to the day from the last Labor Day holiday to use as you please--relaxing, family time, helping others, etc.
New Year's Eve/DayOn June 30/July 1, celebrate another "New Year" for you ~ complete with some celebrating on June 30th Eve, refocusing on your New Year's theme for the next 6 months (or even making a new one) and, most importantly, a feeling of excitement and anticipation for a fresh "restart" of your year.
Thanksgiving DayIn May, 6 months to the day from the last Thanksgiving Day holiday take a few moments to think about what you are thankful for in your life. Give yourself bonus points if you take action on those thoughts!

Thankful for a person? Tell them.
Thankful to be employed? Show it with a little extra effort at work that day.
Thankful for having food to eat? Don't waste any food that day or donate any extra you have to a Food Bank.
Valentine's DayCelebrate a "day of love" with the one you love on August 14.
Veteran's DayIn May, 6 months to the day from the last Veteran's Day holiday (at a time when they aren't expecting it or have heard it recently), send a note/care package to a soldier or tell a veteran "Thank you" for their service.
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Suzanne Sergis said...

I really love the idea of giving ourselves permission to take time off of work!

Suzanne Sergis said...

A good thing to do at any time of year but meaningful if it's a half-year celebration! ;-)

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