'Tis The Season To Declutter

With the huge gift giving season on the horizon, now is an excellent time to put on your decluttering goggles and look over the things around your home. Clearing out items that are unused, unloved, unwanted or unneeded (the real kind, not the guilt-provoking one) will allow you to prepare your home to have a spot available for the new stuff.

For inspiration, here are several excellent resources from around the web that will give you new insight or just a swift kick of motivation. Decluttering is a worthwhile and freeing exercise so have fun!

  • This article offers ideas about how to liberate yourself and let go of sentimental items, specifically photos, souvenirs, books, parents' belongings, family heirlooms, correspondence, children's artwork and memorabilia left behind by kids once they move out.
  • MaryJo, a professional organizer, offers her 4 best tips for dealing with clutter. My favorite: Be very conscious of what objects you choose to bring into your space. A very important thing to remember at this time of year indeed!
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Wilma Ham said...

After several moves I do not have much clutter. However . . . my thoughts are another story, I am now uncluttering them. Ha.

Suzanne Sergis said...

Good for you in freeing yourself from the physical clutter. Mental clutter is also something we carry around. Glad that you're working on clearing that out as well. Happy decluttering!

Theresa Finnigin said...

Clutter seems escalate around the holidays! Combat the clutter by getting rid of clutter before the holidays! Great post :)

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Suzanne Sergis said...

Exactly! It's also good to clear out the collections that one has somehow amassed because people think we like frogs, ducks, whatever WAY more than we do. Might stop us from getting another one wrapped and put under the tree this year! ;-)

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