Life Just Gets In The Way Sometimes

First, I must begin by apologizing for my sudden and complete abandonment of this blog and all things tied in to it (i.e. emails, twitter, etc.) It was not intentional and, somehow, even this "very aware" person didn't quite catch it until late in the game. If you're even reading this, then I know you haven't given up on me and will be here, ready to see what's coming up next. For that, THANK YOU so incredibly much.

Suzanne Fell Off the Face of the Earth...and Made It Back Around
In late July, the time between posts was spent working on producing new content, as usual, in my efforts to heighten the focus on Taking Care of You. As it sometimes happens, though, life got in the way soon thereafter. With my children starting school in late July (isn't that insanely early? anyways...), there was an adjustment period with my daughter beginning Kindergarten in "the big school" and with my son also going through an adjustment period as he began a new school year at the same school for the first time (he started there in late January 2009). Thankfully, all went well and they are settled in, loving their teachers and excited to be going to this school. Life is good.

My day job shifts into crazy overload from June through the end of August as we work with schools and the transition from one year to the next is pretty hectic. So, at the same time that my personal life was "crazy busy" (a saying I use in real life :-), the other area of my life where I am expected to be SuperWoman was in high gear. This year things there are in a new & different kind of upheaval and, my goodness, did handling that completely wipe me out! When I came home, I was mentally and physically exhausted. The physical part was surprising to me as I have a desk job. However, it did become obvious to me that during the whole day I was stressed, tense AND didn't move much at all (except what is necessary to operate a computer). That will do it alright.

So, for the first 3 weeks of August, I would come home, bond with my kids while talking about their school day, fall asleep on the couch, wake up to eat dinner & do household work (clean kitchen, put away clean laundry, etc.), get my kids ready for bed and then fall into my own bed...not to have "Me Time" as usual but to sleep so I had the energy to face another day.

With nagging regret, more and more days passed in August without having anything left to give the blog. I almost posted something small just to say "I'm still alive. Really overwhelmed right now. Be back soon."

But, for some reason, pride wouldn't let me make that a permanent part of this blog. I even took the time to really contemplate why that was. Am I afraid of appearing to be 'unprofessional' about managing my blog because this part-time blogger can't even keep that up? Is it because I felt that just popping on here for a second would lead to making my quick post turn into a long one and I didn't have time/energy for that? If you saw that and realized it was just my perfectionism sneaking out and going unchecked, then good job! :-)

What's Next?
Now we are at the end of this crazy story. And, when someone is lost, there comes a time to determine "Where do I go from here?"

Do I give up?
Do I hold a pity party for myself?
Do I perserve?

I've had time to think about it and here's my decision. As I am starting a new month with not even a single post written, I am a little behind. Getting back into blogger mode may take a bit of time, but absence has made the heart grow fonder, so I'm eager to get back into my work here at Taking Care of You. I will not allow my problem with perfectionism to use this interruption as reason to quit. I will not whine about how hard it is to be me. I will not quit.

This month's Quote to Reflect Upon has been one I've had saved for awhile. When I was choosing this month's quote, the bells & sirens were going off as I read it. For you see, an event like this just happened. I'll write more about a recent wake up call that occurred to remind me of the power of my choice. Stay tuned...

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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Positively Present said...

Yay for not quitting! :) Looking forward to more TCOY!

Recent blog:=- look for opportunities (to read!) everywhere

greedygrace said...

I'm still here!

Recent blog:=- Dumb and Dumber... and I don't mean me and Wylee

J.D. Meier said...

Your posts are beautiful, so personable and from the heart.

You have a gift and I'm glad you share. I'm glad you're back on your horse, and don't worry about the trains you miss ... just catch the next train.

Recent blog:=- Sources of Insight is One Year Old

Lisis said...

I'm so pleased you decided to post this because it reminds me that life gets in the way for everyone at times. I know I recently had to take a sabbatical from the blog because life was demanding my attention in a BIG way.

I did post about it, though, and made the announcement that I just couldn't handle it all. I felt certain that I was the only weakling blogger, and that everyone else had figured out how to juggle challenges of life and posting at the same time. But, from comments and emails I received about it, I have learned that most of us struggle with this reality (Life is what happens while we're busy making plans, right?).

I'm so glad you are back... and I will DEFINITELY be here whenever you post.

Take Care of YOU!

Recent blog:=- Road to Freedom Update #3: Facing Uncertainty

Suzanne Sergis said...

Lisis, I greatly appreciate your support and thoughtful words. You are an inspiration to me about how to balance real life with this virtual life we also love (our blogs). :-)

Suzanne Sergis said...

J.D., I greatly appreciate your support and thoughtful words. You are an inspiration to me about how worthwhile it is to just keep going.

I also am thankful for your SMART feedback! It really does recharge a person's soul to read that another finds importance in who I am and what I am trying to do here at TCOYou.

Suzanne Sergis said...

Thanks Buddy!

One way or another you are here; whether that is by reading the posts, serving as someone who inspires what I write or being a 'go to' friend who helps with the real life stress relief, so I actually have something left to give to TCOYou.

I'm very thankful for you, Lisa!  :-)

Suzanne Sergis said...

I greatly appreciate your support and am very thankful for you, Dani!

I hope you realize that as a new blogger who doesn't get many comments, your thoughtful comments and feedback ALWAYS recharge my motivation meter so that I will make the time to write the next post. :-)

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