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In the realm of taking care of ourselves, there are a variety of different yardsticks to determine how we are doing.

  • Are we nourishing our body physically with a balanced diet and adequate water intake?
  • Do we provide ourselves with time for rest and regeneration?
  • Are our emotional and mental well-beings as well taken care of as our outsides?
  • Is self-care genuinely being shown through our actions?
  • Can we describe our life as balanced, fulfilled and worthwhile?
Recently, I came across a Self Care Quiz that provided super simple feedback. I admit, to my chagrin, that I had to face facts again that I'm still not doing well in certain areas. That's alright, slow and steady progress is being made to improve these "inadequacies". I am actually super amazed at the progress I have made when I reflect upon where I am today in comparision to where I began!

So, here are my results. Ready to show yours?

My Score = 32

30-39 You know how to take care of yourself. Now to do it consistently. Here is an Excel checklist you can use to track your daily self-care. Feel free to add or remove actions to suit your personal needs.

Below are the areas where I am currently growing. These are my "weak points" and show that I am not perfect at this important task of taking care of myself. If you are strong at math, you can guestimate that most of my other results were in the 4-5 range. Overall, I'm doing pretty well and feel proud of myself!

1 pt =
  • I exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes. (I do not like doing "regular" exercise, not one bit.)
  • I love my haircut, my nails look great and I love everything in my wardrobe (I always find it hard to make the time to spend money on myself.)
  • I get together with a friend at least once a month and enjoy hobbies regularly (I could blame my friends because they are always too busy to make the time for themselves as well and join me! LOL)
2 pt =
  • I take care of my body by getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night (not a problem), brushing and flossing my teeth twice a day and eating at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day.
I encourage you to find out "How good are you at taking care of yourself?" Hopefully, you will see that you are indeed doing well. And, maybe, you will receive gentle reminders of those areas that still need your attention for improvement. That's OK.

What I do want to stress is that this isn't a grade on a test you are talking about; it's your life! All the wishing in the world isn't stronger than a single action step. I have tremendous faith in you. You are growing your inner awareness and learning to focus on Taking Care of You...
because you can do it better than anyone else. Now is the time to determine your weaker areas and take action!

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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