3 Signs My Summer Is Over

This week has been hot; in the 100's if you can believe that! Thankfully, next week's forecast is showing highs in the upper 80's. Anticipation of cooler temps, combined with all of the fall fashion I've seen online, has signaled to me that my summer is over.

(I only know a teeny bit about html...hope this table shows up right! :-)

In Summer, Gisele & I are rocking our shorts and sandals, baring our skin to the warmth of the sun.
Whereas in Fall, I love the cozy feeling of skin covering clothing. And the colors are my absolute favorite...especially Indian blue!
Wearing tropical eyeshadow shades and Amber Glow lipstick in the Summer.
Now has changed to darker, muted shades in my makeup compact to match those Fall colors and my favorite Nutmeg lipstick.
In Summer,Creme-to-Powder Foundation protects my face with a natural finish and a slight glow.
However, in the Fall, I return to the weightless, skin-perfecting powder that is Mineral Powder Foundation, as it won't melt off my face now!

I am an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, so the links provided in this post are to actual products that I use and love.

Until next time...Take Care Of You!

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greedygrace said...

(you have made it entirely too difficult to comment. It was like a 17 step process just to start typing!)

I am excited about fall, too! So much to look forward to! And I love that it's finally starting to cool down!

Suzanne Sergis said...

Not sure I'm happy with the overcast morning sky and the wind but it's definitely helping to cool us down!

About the commenting, sorry about that. It's the new ComLuv/JS-Kit thing...most likely to become my old commenting system because I hate it too for the same reason.

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